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Khamis, 27 Disember 2012 @ 8:55 PTG | 0 Nota cinta comel disini [s]

It's Friday night, at surau and mosque we can hear the reading of Yassin. Feel calm and relax while hearing it. Of coarse its more calm when we read it our own. Hm, tonight I really miss someone that once become my priority. My arwah atuk. Ouhhh, I miss him so much *tears drop( -_-,)* Tetiba remember when we had our jamuan makan-makan with our family. My arwah atuk teringin sangat nak makan udang bakar. Coincidental, I sat beside him and offer him my unwrapped shrimp. Yela, arwah atuk had difficulties to eat that shrimp because of the condition of his teeth. *rongak* Biasa lah orang tua. Even, 'rongak' arwah atuk makan dengan banyaknya malam tu. *touched* Before this arwah atuk lack of appetite because of he's ill. When get opportunities to see him eating like that. I feel happy for him. For me, he is my greatest atuk that I meet. All relative always says that 'cucu manja atuk is here' when i sat beside him. And I really hope, I will be his 'cucu manja atuk' forever :') 

Shrroooot shrrroooot sshrrrrrooot..

Tissue plz, thanks :)

Hmm, we must continue our life rite? Even how sad we're. :)
I glad I have very supportive family in my back. After they know about my past love story and my problems. I feel relieved and get more supportive word from my sister, father and more from my mother *touched* They thought me so much and and help me getting stronger just like this :) This have show me how important family are. I'm lucky for being in this family. Love you!

p/s : Being family priority its a bonus. But make them as our priority is the best! XOXO 

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